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Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Biohazardous waste containing blood, body fluids and human cell lines is deemed a threat to public health and the environment, and is therefore regulated by state and local governments. Sorting, packaging and transporting biohazardous waste materials in accordance with the law can be costly, timely, and dangerous - which is why many of your neighbors choose to outsource their biohazardous waste disposal tasks to the experienced team at Citiwaste.

Different types of biohazardous waste

Biohazardous waste can be categorized into four main types:

  • Solid biohazardous waste includes any non-sharp items that have come into contact with infectious human or animal tissues and body fluids — like petri dishes, pipettes, protective gloves, towels, linens, and other containers used in the laboratory or in patient rooms.
  • Liquid biohazardous waste consists of more than 25 milliliters worth of potentially infectious blood and body fluids. (Less than 25 ml can be disposed of as solid biohazardous waste.)
  • Sharps biohazardous waste is any medical device capable of cutting or puncturing the skin that has been in contact with potentially infectious biological material, including: broken glass, saw blades, microscope slides, scalpels, scissors, and needles.
  • Pathological biohazardous waste involves removed human or animal organs, tissues and body parts that have been exposed to infectious agents.

Biomedical waste management by Citiwaste

Citiwaste has been a leading provider of comprehensive biohazardous waste processing, transport and disposal services in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for more than 10 years. We offer our customers full regulatory compliance, and straightforward pricing with no fuel charge, no service charge, no environmental charge, and no hidden fees. Our team arrives in full compliance with OSHA with the proper medical waste containers and biohazard labels, and we are well-versed in the latest federal, state and local requirements for proper medical waste disposal.

Biohazard containers

One of the many advantages of working with a company like Citiwaste for biohazardous waste disposal is that you never have to worry about infectious materials being organized and processed into the right type of containers. Each category comes with its own set of rules, regulated by law to protect you and your employees from contamination. For instance:

  • Solid biohazardous waste must be collected in a designated container with an autoclave-bag-lined lid and marked with a biohazard sticker. These materials can be decontaminated on or offsite (through autoclaving) and then taken along with other medical waste to an approved landfill.
  • Liquid biohazardous waste material must be collected in special leak-proof containers - secured to avoid tipping and labeled with the biohazard logo. Often, liquid waste is further reinforced in a tray or bucket to prevent spillage. Chemical treatment or liquid autoclaving is necessary before transporting to an approved waste station.
  • Sharp biohazardous waste must be placed into sharps bins that are leak-proof and puncture-proof, and also marked with the biohazard label. Pipettes that are breakable but cannot puncture skin should be placed into plastic bags and at least separated from solid waste. Once processed, sharps can be hauled to an approved disposal site.
  • Pathological biohazardous waste must be double-bagged and stored in secondary leak-proof, tip-proof containers (labeled as hazardous), much like liquid waste materials. It can then be incinerated or chemically reduced for proper disposal.

Biohazard removal in New York

We assist many types of businesses with biohazardous and biomedical waste disposal in New York, including hospitals, doctor's offices, medical laboratories, veterinarian clinics, dentist offices, blood banks, and other healthcare facilities. Our experienced staff members are fully compliant with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation standards and regulations. While our New York office is located in Brooklyn, we provide biohazard waste management services in all 62 New York State counties.

Special considerations for biohazardous waste disposal in NYC

In New York City, all regulated medical waste must be properly packaged, labeled and transported according to New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Department of Transportation (DoT) regulations. Your business is responsible for packaging biohazardous materials in authorized red bags and containers that are clearly marked "biohazardous waste." All containers and bags must bear your facility name, address, phone number and contact person. Anyone handling these materials must undergo training and be re-certified every three years.

Regulated Medical Waste in New Jersey

Regulated biomedical waste, including biohazardous material, in New Jersey is overseen by the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health. State program requirements are particularly strict due to significant wash-up incidents involving medical waste like syringes and unidentifiable floating debris that prompted beach closings along Montmouth and Ocean County shorelines. Regulated medical waste producers must be trained, tracked and inspected to ensure compliance with the law. The approximately 89,000 tons of regulated medical waste produced in New Jersey each year must go to one of the ten registered and authorized facilities designed to treat and destroy biological material. Our New Jersey biohazardous waste management office is located at 2400 Bedle Place in Linden, and services all 21 counties in the state.

Biohazard disposal services from Citiwaste

There are many biohazard waste disposal companies out there, but few as flexible or affordable as Citiwaste. We can pick up your biohazardous waste on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on-demand schedule, depending on your needs and preferences. We can provide custom solutions like employee training on identifying, classifying and handling biohazardous materials. Our non-restrictive contracts, transparent pricing, and custom container sizes are all designed to make medical waste management easier and more cost effective for your business.

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