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Medical Waste Disposal

Citiwaste is a trusted provider of medical waste disposal services in New York and New Jersey. Take advantage of our convenient bio-hazardous waste management solutions that ensure a safe and clean environment for future generations. Maintain compliance with local, state and federal regulations while mitigating business and legal risks by partnering with Citiwaste - a company that focuses on responsible medical waste removal for the healthcare community.

Healthcare Associates

Our expert technicians will help your medical practice, lab, surgery center, hospital, dental office or clinic find the most cost effective manner to collect and dispose of regulated medical waste. In light of today's evolving healthcare landscape and regulations for proper bio-hazardous waste disposal, it's crucial to work with a company that has the resources and expertise to do the job right and keep you compliant.

Cost-effective medical waste disposal services

From pathology labs to dermatologists and private doctors, we can safely remove and dispose of your bio-hazardous waste while keeping costs down. Among leading medical waste disposal companies operating in NJ and New York, our prices are extremely competitive.

We understand the economic concerns of today's healthcare professionals, which is why there are never any hidden fees in our medical waste disposal pricing.


Other benefits of partnering with Citiwaste include:

  • No fuel charges
  • No environment charges
  • Flexible scheduling for medical waste collections
  • Custom container sizes to meet your needs
  • Non-restrictive contracts
  • 100% compliance with OSHA, EPA, DOT and FDA biohazard waste disposal regulations
  • Computerized tracking and record keeping
  • Superior customer service

Citiwaste is staffed by industry experts who are up-to-date on the latest legal requirements regarding regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste and sharps disposal. Leverage our extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance to help prevent the spread of disease and infections, protect your workforce and clients, and keep our environment clean.

Besides minimizing environmental pollution and infection risk, the proper and safe disposal of medical waste will help reduce your legal liability, eliminate health threats to patients and personnel and safeguard your reputation.

Responsible medical waste removal

Citiwaste works closely with a number of healthcare facilities and private businesses providing affordable and ecologically responsible medical waste management solutions.

We offer flexible and convenient pick-up schedules tailored to your needs for all regulated medical waste disposal:

  • Infectious waste including tissues, swabs, lab cultures and excreta
  • Human pathological waste such as blood, bodily fluids, tissues and body parts
  • Dental waste
  • Cultures and stocks derived from microbiological materials
  • Blood products
  • IV tubing
  • Contaminated personal protective equipment and surgical waste such as gloves, gauze and bandages
  • Other biohazard waste including materials contaminated with viral or infectious agents
  • Needles, ampules, razors and syringes (sharps)

Customized medical waste management

Citiwaste designs a customized medical waste collection and removal plan for every client, which features thorough training to educate clients on safe disposal practices as well as resources on how to properly classify regulated medical waste. Stay environmentally compliant and avoid steep penalties by utilizing our automatic pick-up program or on-call waste disposal services.

Biological and healthcare waste disposal is affordable, efficient and convenient with Citiwaste. Please ask about our weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly services for:

  • Hospitals
  • Pathology labs
  • Dialysis centers
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Private physicians
  • Dentist offices
  • Dermatologists
  • Surgery centers
  • Med labs
  • Tattoo shops
  • Nursing homes

You are responsible for the proper disposal of all biohazardous medical waste until it is destroyed, even after it is removed from your facility.  For this reason it's imperative to work with a reputable medical waste disposal company that is licensed, insured and has a proven track record. Citiwaste has been in operation since 2006 and has a sterling reputation throughout Rockland, Westchester, Orange and Dutchess County.

For a free estimate or to learn more about our medical waste management services in NYC and New Jersey, please call 877-535-CITI (2484).


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Medical waste disposal done right.

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