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OSHA Compliance Solutions

Any facility routinely producing hazardous waste will attest to the importance of designing and maintaining a management plan that is not only effective, but in full compliance with all state and federal regulations. Failing to do so can lead to dangerous health consequences for workers and others, not to mention exposure to costly sanctions and perhaps even litigation. Citiwaste offers facilities throughout New York and New Jersey with comprehensive OSHA compliance training tools to ensure efficient waste handling and risk mitigation.

OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard

A critical starting point for any waste management program is for all employees and operators of covered facilities to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the standards promulgated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to protect against the dangers of blood borne pathogens and other types of regulated waste. These guidelines include numerous facets, among them being the requirement that covered facilities develop a formal Exposure Control Plan.

To that end, it is vital for employees and operators of facilities handling and producing hazardous medical waste to be trained in topics such as:

  • How must sharps containers be handled?
  • Where should containers be placed?
  • What types of containers are best?
  • What processes should be used to dispose of regulated waste?
  • When must labels be used, and what colors are required?
  • Can labels ever be substituted?
  • Are the Department of Transportation's waste and specimen labels accepted by OSHA?

All of these fundamental questions are answered in the expansive OSHA training opportunities available through Citiwaste. Considering the fact that all facility employees, whether full-time, part-time or temporary, must receive OSHA compliance training, it is incumbent upon operators to secure the very best training vehicles available for a potentially substantial pool of people each year.

That is why Citiwaste offers extensive learning resources that include:

  • New Employee OSHA Orientation services for those with prior training, but who are new to your facility
  • Annual OSHA Training covering the bloodborne pathogens and hazard communications standards for all healthcare employees
  • Training on Preventing Workplace Violence in Ambulatory Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Fire Safety Training which includes fire extinguishing standards and facility evacuation
  • Respiratory Infection Control training covering tuberculosis and influenza
  • Training in Ergonomics for Ambulatory Dental and Medical facilities to help prevent back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain and more

Online offerings complement Citiwaste OSHA training program

Taking advantage of Citiwaste's OSHA training resources allows facility operators and employees to receive highly detailed manuals designed to ensure continued compliance, on-site training meant to safeguard workers, patients and the reputation of the enterprise as a whole, Safety Plan creation assistance, ongoing regulatory updates and more. In addition, Citiwaste is proud to offer online training tools which are invaluable to achieving the universal training all employees must have.

OSHA training for multiple facility types

Citiwaste possesses extensive experience as a leader in biohazardous waste management throughout New York and New Jersey and stands prepared to facilitate OSHA compliance for facilities as varied as:

  • Pathology laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Dialysis providers
  • Cosmetic surgery offices
  • Dermatologists
  • Dental suites
  • Tattoo artists
  • Research laboratories
  • Funeral homes
  • Nursing homes

OSHA compliance solutions New York & New Jersey  facilities can trust

Over the course of the past ten years, Citiwaste has developed a reputation as a true leader in hazardous waste management services across Westchester, Rockland, Orange and Dutchess counties as well as throughout New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania. Our team has the capacity and knowledge to deliver the OSHA training tools and opportunities necessary to make certain that your employees remain up-to-date on the latest safety strategies and are always in full compliance with key standards.

If your facility is searching for the best in OSHA compliance training and you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, contact us today at 877.535.CITI (2484).

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